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Please contact us for our current drinks menu and take inspiration from our extensive cocktail offerings below.

Vodka/Gin Martini

Your preferred spirit stirred with Vermouth,served Dickens, Dirty, Dry or Wet. Franklin, Gibson, & Martinez.


Traditionally served with Gin, shaken withLemon & Sugar & topped up with Soda. However you can have a Whiskey, Vodka, Rum or Raspberry variant.


Rum shaken with Lime & Sugar. You can sweeten this with a choice of fruits. Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Coconut & Passion fruit.


Tequila shaken with Lime, Lemon & Sugar. Served straight up or on the Rocks.


Lime & Sugar muddled. Filled with Rum, Ice & Mint. Stirred gently & served.


Vodka shaken with Triple Sec, Lime & Cranberry.


Classic Mint Julep… Mint stirred with Sugar, Ice & Bourbon topped with a little still water.

Georgia Mint Julep… Same as above but with the addition of Peach Schnapps & Bitters.


Bourbon stirred with Bitters & served sweet, perfect wet or dry.



Lime muddled with Sugar & charged with ice & Cachaca.

You can have fruit variants of these called…


Pineapple, Mango, Banana, Coconut, Passion fruit. Blended or shaken with Cachaca and Sugar.

Bloody Mary

Vodka stirred with Tomato juice, Salt & Pepper, Lime, Worcestershire Sauce & Tobassco.

Sea Breeze
Vodka shaken with Cranberry & Lime, & poured over Grapefruit juice & Ice.

Long Island Iced Tea
Vodka, Gin, Rum, Triple sec, Tequila & Sours shaken & served over ice cold Cola.

Sex on the beach

Peaches & Fruits. Really easy drinking, be careful.


A drink that derives from it’s name. Your choice of spirit or Liqueur, Whiskey, Amaretto, Rum etc. Shaken with Lemon juice & Egg white.


Your choice of fruit muddled with lime & Sugar, filled with Vodka & Ice. Stirred & Served.

Basil Grande

Muddled Strawberries & Basil, shaken with Lemon, Vodka, Gran Marnier, Chambord & Cranberry. Immense fruits with Herbal undertones.

GG Martini

Vodka stirred with Elderflower & Peach & topped with Tonic. Served in a martini this is a really light & tangy drink.

Moscow Mule

Vodka shaken with Lime & Bitters layered over lashings of Ginger Beers.

Woo Woo

Vodka shaken with Peach Schnapps & Cranberry Juice. A very easy drinking concoction, but still lost in the 80’s.

Espresso Martini

Vodka shaken with Kahlua, Espresso & Dark Cacao. A short, chilled espresso drink. Ludicrously tasty!

Black Russian (White also)

Vodka shaken with Kahlua, (Cola top optional). White Russian with the addition of cream.

Apple Martini

Vodka shaken with Apple Schnapps & Pressed Apple juice.

Polish Martini

Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka shaken with Pressed Apple juice. Poland national drink! okrzyki, na zdrowie!

Melon Cooler

Vodka stirred with Midori, Apple juice & Cranberry juice. A light fruity drink for hot & lazy afternoons.

Apple & Blackberry Pie

Muddled Blackberries & Crème du Mure shaken with Vodka & Pressed Apple. Double cream layered on top.

Cucumber & Mint Martini

Cucumber & Mint, Muddled & shaken with Vodka & Pressed Applejuice. A sweetened Salad in liquid form. Part of your 5 a

Hard Lemonade

Vodka, Lemon juice & Sugar shaken & topped with Lemonade. Come on then, if your hard enough!

Purple Hooter

Vodka shaken with Chambord Raspberry liquor & Lime served over crushed ice & topped with Soda.

Screw driver

Vodka & Orange juice married together for ever after.

Harvey Wallbanger

The same coupling of Vodka & Orange layered with Galliano.

Strawberry Martini

Muddled Stawberries shaken with Vodka, Sugar, Crème du Fraise and a grind of Black Pepper.

White Lady

Gin shaken with Cointreau, Lemon, Egg white & Sugar. A light & Gin based drink with lots of citrus.

Gin Sling

Gin shaken with Benedictine Sprirt, Lemon juice & Cherry Brandy topped with Soda.

Gin Fizz

Gin shaken with Lemon juice & Sugar, topped with Soda. A clean & refreshing drink that can be made with most other

French Martini

A favourite with the ladies. Gin shaken with Chambord & Pineapple juice. A fruity tropical blend.


Dry Gin & Roses Lime stirred and served.

Vesper Martini

“Shaken, not stirred”
The Bond Classic, Gin shaken with Vodka & Dry Vermouth. Served with a slice of Lemon.

Victorian Lemonade

Gin shaken with Mint, Lemon juice, Sugar & Water. Traditional Lemonade with a hint of Mint.


Gin shaken with Crème du Mure, Lemon & Sugar. A Gin & Blackberry bonanza!

Shady Grove Cooler

Gin shaken with lime & Sugar topped up with Ginger Ale. Long & Refreshing.


Bombay Sapphire Gin stirred with a dash of Limoncello, Ginger Syrup. Juniper & Botanicals with essence of Ginger.


Gin, Basil, Pineapple juice, Passion fruit syrup, Lime & Lemongrass cordial shaken and served & topped with Tonic.

Cuba Libre
White Rum shaken with Lime & topped up with Cola. The Cuban Classic.

Dark & Stormy

Dark Rum shaken with Sugar, Lime & Bitters, layered over fiery Ginger Beer.


A mish mash of Rums, shaken with Pineapple juice, Lime & Passion fruit. With a Layer of Overproof Rum. A drink described as “The Grandfather of all Pixies, and great uncle to the Gremlins”.


White Rum shaken with Honey, Lime, Pressed Apple & Honey.

Rum Punch

Overproof Rum shaken with Sugar, Lime & Bitters topped with Mineral Water. A Jamaican Classic.

Mai Tai

Aged Rum shaken with Lime, Orange Curacao & Almond Syrup. Trader Vic’s Original Recipe.

Mother Rum

Aged Rum stirred with White Crème de Cacao & Maple Syrup.

Reggae Rum Punch

Overproof Rum shaken with Crème de Fraise, Lime, Grenadine,Pineapple & Orange juice. A fruity-tastic Rum Punch.

Robin Hood

White Rum Shaken with Apple Schnapps, Lime Cordial & Fresh Lime. An Apple Martini, Daiquiri style.

Georgetown Punch

Light, Dark & Coconut Rum Shaken with Cranberry, Pineapple & Lime juice.

Sailor Jerries Caipirissima

Sailor Jerries Vanilla infused Rum served ice cold with the juice of a Lime.

Hot Buttered Rum

Dark & Vanilla Infused Rum stirred with Butter, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ice cream & Boiling Water. A super creamy sweet hot beverage. Perfect for those colder winter nights.

Pina Colada

Light & Coconut Rum shaken with Pineapple & Cream of Coconut. My fellow bartenders may think I am stuck in the 80’s,
however this remains the classic Pineapple/Coconut blend.

Tommy’s Margarita

The Classic Margarita. Partida Tequila shaken with Agarve syrup & Lime Juice. Like the Classic but substituting the Cointreau with Agarve.

Bald Eagle

Tequila shaken with Grapefruit, Cranberry, Lime & Lemon, sweetened to taste. Served on the sour side this is a
delicious drink.

Cactus Banger

An Orangey variation of the Margarita. Tequila shaken with Lime, Orange & Gran Marnier.

Tequila Slammer

Yes, It’s a cocktail! Tequila in a shot served with Lime & Salt. Do it right and you’ll see the light.


Tequila shaken with Pressed Pineapple juice & Pomegranate Syrup.

El Diablo

Tequila shaken with Cassis, Lime & Bitters layered over Fiery Ginger Beer.

Pineapple & Sage Margarita

Muddled Sage & Pressed Pineapple juice shaken with Tequila,Lime &Agarve Syrup.

The Pineapple & Herbal Sage work well in this variation.

Watermelon & Basil Smash

Muddled Watermelon & Basil shaken with Tequila & Limoncello served tall with a Ginger Ale float.

Old Fashioned

Bourbon slowly stirred with Sugar, Orange oils & Bitters. This is a Bartenders favourite. The Bourbon is sweetened and diluted to give one of the best drinks ever created. You can swap the Sugar for Maple Syrup to make this even more appealing.

Adam & Eve

Bourbon shaken with Galliano, Sugar & Bitters. Sweet whiskey with essence of Vanilla.


Bourbon shaken with Cognac, Sugar & Bitters. Served in an Absinthe coated glass.

Boston Flip

Bourbon shaken with Madeira, Sugar and a whole Egg. Garnished with freshly grated Nutmeg.


Bourbon stirred with Dry Vermouth, Cointreau, Bitters & Pomegranate syrup. A bit like a fruity Manhatten.


Muddled Raspberries shaken with Jack Daniels, Chambord, Lime & Cranberry served tall over ice.

Buffalo Mozarella

Bourbon stirred slowly with a drizzle of Peach Schnapps and Campari topped with Canada Dry & Orange Oils.

Lynchburg Lemonade

Jack Daniels shaken with Cointreau & Lemon juice topped with Lemonade. A refreshing summer hard lemonade.

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